Step into a world of tranquility and enchantment as you arrive at our stunning traditional villas nestled on the pristine shores of Krios Beach.



The villa Poseidon is a small and charming blue and white Cycladic house, entirely renovated and fully equipped for your greatest comfort. ...

4 guests
70 sq.m
1 bedroom
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It is perfectly located, close the main points of interest such as Krios beach, main ferry port or the famous fishing port of Naoussa (8Km)...

10 guests
250 sq.m
4 bedrooms
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Prepare to be captivated by the charm and elegance of our meticulously designed villas, where ancient Greek mythology intertwines with modern luxury.

Krios Villas Paros

At Traditional Villa Zeus and Poseidon, we invite you to embrace the timeless allure of Greek hospitality while enjoying the comforts of a luxurious retreat.


Krios Villas Paros

Let us be your gateway to the wonders of Paros Island, where cherished memories are waiting to be made.


Krios Villas Paros

Soak up the sun on the golden sands of Krios Beach, or embark on thrilling adventures in the surrounding area.


Krios Villas Paros

Welcome to our haven of tranquility and serenity. Welcome to Traditional Villa Zeus and Poseidon in Krios Beach, Paros Island!


Enjoy the magic

Each villa boasts spacious living areas, tastefully decorated bedrooms, and private terraces offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere, letting the gentle sea breeze lull you into a state of pure relaxation.

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Chic dining

24h checkin

fast wifi

Pet friendly

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